• Yacht Collection

    From the sand of the seas and the rivers, melted by the burning ame of the crucibles, the matter of glass comes to life and is forged in the furnaces of the Venetian glass masters, according to the customs and techniques passed on through time.

    Glass is uid, dense and malleable in the skillful hands of the artisan who shape it with quick and steady touches. He is parsimonious in his gestures and considerate about the smallest detail, about the perfection of the surface and the accordance
    of the form with the idea. Every single piece becomes a unique creation because of this unrepeatable process. The object crystallizes in its nal shape and is tempered in the cooling ovens, after the extreme temperatures of the melting pots.

    This transparent glass shapes light and imprisons marine treasures to pay homage to its original cradle, where it laid in the form of sand.
    Sea animals possessing iridescent colours, dream-like inhabitants of unreachable depths, uctuating forms in turquoise oceans inhabit the glass monoliths of this collection. Sculptures of water and light are born to sail the seas. Whether on board your ship
    or at home, they are pieces to be mounted on walls or used
    as decoration, so as to steal a patch of sea to the boundless horizons of infinite journey.